Blackened Salmon

I love grilling Salmon and have tried several recipes. Salmon is probably a little healthier than what I usually grill. Grilling salmon is quick, easy and very delicious. The most important tip is not to overcook. This blackened seasoned Salmon is my favorite and I have used it many times.

Blackened Seasoning:

1 teaspoon ground white pepper
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon ground chili powder
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 ½ tablespoons canola oil

Combine and mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl. Brush the salmon with the canola oil and rub the entire salmon filet with the blackened seasoning. Over medium heat, place the salmon on the grill, skin side down. Close the grill (to get even cooking) and grill for 4-5 minutes; then gently turn the salmon over and grill for another 4-5 minutes. Take the salmon off the grill and let set for a few minutes. Remove the skin and serve with lemon slices. Enjoy.


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Grilled Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is one of my all-time favorite summer-time foods and I can never wait until fresh corn is ready to be picked.  I recently tried grilling fresh corn for the first time.  You can find many conflicting suggestions on how to grill corn but what I did was first soaked the ears in warm water, then peeled back the husk and removed as much of the silk as possible and rewrapped the ear.

Over a medium-to-hot grill surface it will take 15 minutes or more to completely cook the corn and the husks will become charred.  Your corn will stay warm until you are ready to eat, just peel away the husk, add butter and salt and you can enjoy the tastes of summer.


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Onion Bombs

I am always looking for new ideas to try on the grill. This dish is easy, simple and delicious. Most onion bomb recipes call for wrapping the onion with foil and tossing them in a campfire but I simply put them directly on the grill and it worked great.


– Peel large onions
– Use the meat of your choice- I used sausage but ground beef or turkey works fine also
– Season- anything goes here- Italian spices, garlic, chili powder or ketchup and Worcestershire sauce work well if you want a meatloaf taste
– Peel your onions and cut them in half
– Prepare the meatballs how you want and stuff between the onions peels
– Use a wooden skewer to keep the ball intact
– Grill over medium heat for about 10 minutes, flip over and cook another 10 minutes

Enjoy this easy and tasty recipe.


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Grilling Pizza

I absolutely love pizza- it is one of my favorite foods. I also love grilling, so why not have both at the same time? It can be very easy to make your own pizza, and there are thousands of recipes to refer to. Now if you want to get serious, you can even make your own pizza crust. While I took the easier path and bought grilling flatbread for pizza at the supermarket, I still enjoyed selecting the items I wanted on my personal pizza. As seen from the Pinterest board below, there are many, many possibilities in creating your own original pizza.

After building your pizza, grill over medium heat. It only takes a couple of minutes and you are ready to enjoy your creative meal.


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How Not To Start A Fire

There is nothing like enjoying a fire in the fire pit surrounded by friends. Unlike the video below, please follow a few basic safety rules:

  • The fire pit should be at least ten feet away from combustible material such as a deck or other structures
  • Avoid windy conditions
  • Do not burn on burn-ban days
  • Only burn seasoned firewood – no household trash or brush
  • Keep a garden hose or water supply close by
  • Start your fire small with a store bought fire starter or crumbled piece of paper, then add small pieces of wood
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Grilled Broccoli

I probably would never fire up the grill just to do broccoli, but if I am looking for a good side dish to compliment my main fare, then it is a good choice.  In fact, just the act of grilling broccoli, or almost any food, makes it better, right?

I like to use just the spears, tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, and a little garlic power.  For best results, put in a grill basket over direct heat on low.  Shake or toss a couple of times until done – what you end up with is a delicious, slightly charred flavor. You can also grill on a pan as shown below, or foil, using a medium heat.



Another way to enjoy grilled broccoli is on kabobs along with peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, or any other vegetable you like.


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Making S’mores

Ever wonder why this delicious treat is called s’more? It is because everyone wants some more. Enjoying s’mores, made over a campfire, is a backyard tradition in North America. The tradition of making s’mores goes back to the early part of the twentieth century, and some think may have started with the Girl Scouts. The original s’more recipe is very simple with just toasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between pieces of graham crackers. Today you can find hundreds of variations of this time-tested tradition to try with ingredients like Reese’s Cups, Nutella, lemon, and even bacon. Someone in our house recently tried peppermint patties and loved it.

So what do you do when you don’t have a fire pit or a place to build a backyard fire? Well, there are tons of indoor s’more makers but that doesn’t really suit for the veranda.  I recently received a s’more maker for the grill – what a quick and easy way to enjoy dessert. Just simply put the graham crackers on the top plate, cover with chocolate or whatever your imagination desires, roast the marshmallows on the rods provided, cook over medium heat until ready, and enjoy!

Grill-top Smore Maker

There is even a National S’mores Day – August 10th.  Try out some of your own recipes and let us know which is your favorite!

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Grilling Fruit

A couple of years ago I made the bold statement that I was going to grill 92 different recipes for the 92 days of summer. Well, I never made it, not even close. Oh, I grilled and grilled, and continue to grill, but my shortage of different recipes is caused by grilling the same delicious items over and over.  One way I have increased my list is by grilling fruit. Yes, fruit. The fruit list I have tried includes pineapple spears with brown sugar glaze, banana boats, watermelon, and the latest, peaches. There will be more to come, including cinnamon apples, pears, cantaloupe, and maybe a fruit kebab with chocolate sauce.

Grilling fruit is actually a pretty simple process. It is easy to prepare: just slice, spray lightly with cooking oil or butter, and grill over medium heat. It usually takes about five minutes or less and makes a nice appetizer or dessert to start or top of a great meal from the grill.

Here is the recipe for the peaches:
Slice in half and remove the seeds. Brush with butter then cover the sliced sides with cinnamon. Turn once ending with the sliced side down.  Whenever you grill fruit or dessert, use a clean grill as you will not want the drippings from your hamburgers to affect the taste or appearance.

Peaches Pineapple WaterMelon

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