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Pints with Ponies

Not only do I like to try new brews, I love to visit new craft breweries. When I heard about a new brewery opening in the area called Stable Craft, I was definitely intrigued and I was even more excited to learn that there was a full food menu.  The only thing better than great beer is great food to go along with it.

We visited on a warm summer evening during the Steal the Pint promotion.  The added bonus event was Pints with the Ponies. Stable Craft is a wonderful place, a true working farm brewery, and a great example of agritourism. Besides touring the brewery and stables, you can visit the hops field, play outdoor games, and enjoy the surrounding beauty. The food menu has a full complement of starters, burgers and sandwiches, salads, and desserts. The taproom has an extensive list of brews with 16 varieties available. I enjoyed the Britchin Brown Ale and the Night Latch American Stout. Both were great!

Check out http://www.stablecraftbrewing for more information.

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Randy’s Veranda Beer

I have decided to join the other one million people who brew over two million barrels of homebrew each year. I recently purchased the equipment: the Fastferment conical fermenter, brushes, spoons, hydrometer, air lock, hoses, sterilizers, etc.

For the recipe, I bought a Scottish Ale kit from Brewer’s Best. The kit comes with all the necessary ingredients- grains, hops, yeast, spices & flavorings, sugar, and even the bottle caps. There are vast number of recipes available. I also have future plans to make American Amber, English Brown Ale, Milk Stout, and many more.

So once I made the decision to delve into the beer making hobby I needed labels that portrayed the atmosphere of Randy’s Veranda. I hired a professional designer to help with the labels and the finished work is great.

Now let’s get brewing.



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Get a Grip

I like to smoke a cigar when I am grilling, playing golf, or just relaxing on the veranda. Sometimes it is hard to multi-task when doing some of these things. When golfing, you don’t want the cigar to get in the way of your backswing or lay it on the turf which may be laced with chemicals.  Just imagine a golf course aflame…  And although I like smoked meat, when you are grilling, you don’t want the ashes or cigar smoke to flavor your steak.

A good solution is the cigar clip. Simply attached the grip clip to your chair, table, or golf cart. The fastening end has a strong clip, the holding end gently holds your cigar while you perform other tasks. The swivel action allows the clip to work for right or left handed spaces. The cigar grip clip can be purchased at fine cigar stores or at


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